Rêve d'Égypte

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Rêve d'Égypte

For the first time, the Musée Rodin will reveal Rodin's relationship with Egyptian art. The exhibition will showcase an Egyptian Rodin, inspired by an Egypt he dreamed up, fantasised and then collected.

« RÊVE D’ÉGYPTE » : RODIN's Dream of Egypt

The exhibition features over 400 items, all restored for the occasion, which include Auguste Rodin's personal collection of Egyptian art, his own sculptures and drawings, as well as archives and photographs to put into context his "friends of the last hour", as the artist liked to call the antiques he cherished. 

It also evokes the echo of Egyptian art in Rodin's work, through his research on the representation of the human body, the simplification of forms, fragmentation and monumentality. For instance, the Monument to Balzac (1898) of which he said "Balzac is the Sphinx of France".

Vue de l'oeuvre

- Diaporama

    An artist's collection on display

    The exhibition is presented in sequences that alternate between Rodin's Egyptian studio and his Egyptian museum, at the Villa des Brillants in Meudon and the Hôtel Biron in Paris. The visit also reveals several narratives of XIXth century visions of Egypt; they conjure the intermediaries, writers, artists, antiquarians and Egyptologists, who guided the artist down an Egyptian path by feeding him various visual references, stories or artifacts. The constitution of Rodin's collection thus reveals the history of the art market and antiquarians of this period.  It is part of the Champollion commemorative programme this year, organised by France Mémoire.

    « RODIN and egyptian art » : The research Programme

    The exhibition sheds light on an exceptional collection, now available on a dedicated website. This site is the result of a fifteen-year multidisciplinary research programme, initiated by Bénédicte Garnier, head of Rodin's antique collection and curator of the exhibition, with the support of a scientific committee and the participation of young students and researchers.


    Bénédicte Garnier, head of scientific operations for Rodin's collection and the musée Rodin - Meudon.


    Atelier Cros & Patras, Violette Cros, architect, set design
    c-album, Tiphaine Massari, graphic design
    Sarah Scouarnec, lighting

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    musée Rodin


    Octobre 18th 2022 to March 5th 2023

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    The Musée Rodin is open everyday but Mondays.
    From 10am to 6.30pm


    Musée Rodin Paris full price : €13


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