Private donors

Private donors

Over the last century, many people have pledged their support to the Musée Rodin, helping to preserve it as a place of discovery, enchantment and inspiration for all. In your turn, become a private donor or sponsor and help us protect our heritage. Even the smallest contribution will demonstrate your affection for the Musée Rodin and make you a player in the museum’s life!

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There are several ways of contributing to the museum’s development:

Donations of money or artworks from private individuals who are tax resident in France entitle the donor to a tax reduction of 66% of the amount of the donation, with an annual ceiling of 20% of taxable income; if your donation exceeds this limit, the excess can be carried forward over the following five years.

Amount of the donation

Net cost after deduction

3 000 € 1 020 €
1 500 € 510 €
1 000 € 340 €
500 € 170 €
250 € 85 €
100 € 34 €


For other forms of gift, such as a bequest or a life-insurance policy in favour of the Musée Rodin, please contact us directly so that we can guide you through the process. Each kind of donation involves specific conditions and tax arrangements.

In exchange for your donation…

Donations of €250 and over, for example, entitle you to a museum membership card for two people, valid for one year, providing unlimited access to the Rodin museums in Paris and Meudon.

Our American friends can also support the museum!

Through the American association ‘Friends of Fondation de France’, you can donate to the Musée Rodin and enjoy the tax benefits specific to the United States.

Découvrez nos projets à soutenir

Projets à soutenir

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  • User Guide - Friends of Fondation de France(pdf, 137.6 ko)

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us so that we can explore your best options together and decide on the project you would like to support, according to your personal tastes and convictions.

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Special thanks

Many projects would not see the light of day without the support of our donors. We thank them warmly.