Your support

Your support

By supporting the Musée Rodin, you are participating in an adventure that began over a hundred years ago! Support from private individuals, companies and foundations is invaluable as it helps the museum fulfil its essential functions and continue to evolve. Join forces with us, and help us carry the Musée Rodin into the future.

An original self-funding model

The Musée Rodin differs from other French state museums in that it operates on a self-funding model. For over a century, its operating budget has been fully self-funded, with no assistance from the state. In order to carry out its essential functions, the Musée Rodin relies on its own resources and private funding (admission tickets, museum shop, original bronze editions, space rentals, sponsorship, etc.).

A unique experience

A distinctive characteristic of the Musée Rodin is that it is set in locations that were chosen and occupied by the artist himself. It boasts the world’s largest collection of works by Rodin, divided between two exceptional sites: the Hôtel Biron, a jewel of rococo architecture that stands in a sculpture garden at the heart of Paris, and the Villa des Brillants, Rodin’s former home in Meudon.
Every year, over 600,000 visitors (70% of whom come from outside France) discover world-famous icons such as The Thinker and The Kiss in a preserved setting conducive to the appreciation and enjoyment of art.

A reference for sculpture

The museum’s life is geared around safeguarding its collections and expanding them through new acquisitions, preserving and studying its heritage and transmitting it through appropriate outreach activities, and disseminating it worldwide through international exhibitions. These goals can only be achieved with the help and support of our partners.

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