Copyright and fair use

Copyright and fair use

Conditions for consulting the historical collection

Some documents are not freely available. They are subject to specific consultation procedures and require a special directive or permission.

Documents requiring clearance (public archives)
According to Article L.213-2 of the French Heritage Code, some types of documents have restricted access dates. However, exceptions can be made. Prior to the legal access date, clearance can be requested from the Reading Room supervisor.

Documents requiring permission (private archives)
According to Article L.213 6 of the French Heritage Code, owners may place conditions on accessing and copying the documents they have given to or deposited with the archives service, and these conditions must be respected. Permission to consult such documents must therefore be requested in advance from the right-holders.

Documents in poor condition
For conservation reasons, the consultation of certain documents may be restricted due to their material condition. The Reading Room supervisor reserves the right to grant or refuse exceptional permission to consult such documents.

Institutional archives

Subject to compliance with current regulations (Book II of the French Heritage Code, Law no. 2008-696 of 15 July 2008 on archives), researchers can consult the institutional archives. The documents can be freely distributed to anyone requesting them, with the exception of documents protected by confidentiality (those relating to personal privacy, medical confidentiality, national defence and security, etc.). The latter can only be distributed once the restricted access period has expired or, before then, by special dispensation, upon reasoned request.

Copy requests

Cameras (without flash) may be used in the Reading Room, for personal documentation only and with permission from the Reading Room supervisor. Copies require permission; requests should be addressed to the Musée Rodin Photographic Agency.