Projects you can support

Projects you can support

Since it opened in 1919, the Musée Rodin has always studied, enhanced and preserved Rodin’s art and ensured its worldwide dissemination. The museum’s outreach activities and active educational policy are designed to transmit this rich heritage to the widest possible audience.
The Musée Rodin also ensures the upkeep of two 3-hectare properties comprising numerous buildings that are all listed as historical monuments.

The main projects you can support


By supporting the acquisition of a work of art, you can contribute to the museum’s history and the enrichment of the French national collections.

The museum’s acquisition policy focuses primarily on works of art made during the artist’s lifetime, drawings and sculptures, final marble or bronze works and, more rarely, clay or plaster pieces testifying to the creative process. Decisions to acquire new works for the museum’s collection are based on the criteria of rarity, quality and uniqueness.

Many of Rodin’s works are privately owned and may therefore appear on the art market. The works in question tend to be ones that the artist sold or gave away throughout his career, and others that he may have made in his youth before realising the importance of preserving every trace of his artistic production.

Some works may qualify as ‘national treasures’ and entitle the sponsoring company to optimize its benefits, if a taxpayer in France.

Conservation and restoration

By supporting the restoration of a work of art, you can contribute to the preservation and transmission of this heritage to future generations.

In order to present and display the artworks, the museum’s priority is to safeguard them from deterioration. It therefore takes preventive action ranging from the regular dusting of the artworks to the close monitoring of the state of the bronze sculptures on display in the garden and the careful packaging of drawings, documents, etc.

Moreover, restorers and collection managers work together on in-depth studies of each artwork to gain a greater understanding of Rodin’s creative process in all its complexity and thereby enrich our knowledge of his art.


By supporting the museum’s research activities, you can help advance our knowledge of Rodin’s oeuvre and strengthen the museum’s position as an international reference on the artist and his work.

The Musée Rodin’s collection is unique in terms of its scope and content. Research and study of the collection have continued to expand and renew our knowledge of every aspect of Rodin’s life and art. The artworks, archives and collections made by Rodin provide insight into the man himself – his tastes, readings, travels, social connections and how he organised his work.

To fulfil its mission, the museum must continue to make these collections accessible worldwide, encourage academic research, conduct its own long-term research and share the findings through symposia and publications.

Artistic and educational activities

By supporting the museum in its social and educational role, you can contribute to promotind access to culture to a far reaching audience.

The Musée Rodin has a two-fold purpose: to defend the social role of art and cultural education through projects geared to people with limited access to culture; and to provide the best possible visitor experience with a broad cultural offer and an outreach programme adapted to all.

All year round, the museum also organises events for the general public. Visitors of all ages can enjoy (re)discovering the artworks in the museum and sculpture garden (through story-telling or drawing tours, animations, game booklets, etc.).


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