Photographic Agency

Photographic Agency

The Musée Rodin Photographic Agency offers access to over 48,000 documents pertaining to Rodin’s entire artistic corpus, with reproductions of his works (sculptures, prints and drawings, photographs etc.), archives, manuscripts and collection of antiquities. There are also documents relating to the life and history of the museum since its founding, the museum’s entire collection, and people connected to Rodin including Camille Claudel, Hokusai, Isadora Duncan, Van Gogh, Rilke, Bourdelle, Renoir, Monet and Munch.

This extensive collection was compiled over the course of photo campaigns accompanying inventories and exhibitions. In some instances, it is the only reliable source of information and evidence about the history of an artwork. It also reflects how tastes relating to imagery have changed over the years.

The Photographic Agency also preserves the memory of the museum’s history: it traces the evolution of exhibition design and records the itinerary of the artworks, while documenting public events, conservation projects and construction work carried out at the Paris and Meudon sites, etc.

With two resident photographers and two photo studios, the Photographic Agency can document the museum’s activity at all times, responding quickly to photographic requests from the museum first of all, but also from publishing houses, external institutions, communication agencies, galleries and both academics and private individuals.
Documents are made available as digital files and prints.

For the last hundred years, the Photographic Agency has showcased the image of Auguste Rodin, his work and his museum.


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