Support a project

Support a project

Private partners – companies and foundations – play a key role. Their support is an invaluable contribution to the museum’s development and to the enhancement of its reputation as the world’s finest collection of Rodin’s art.

A tailor-made partnership

For short, medium or long-term projects, together we can develop a tailor-made partnership in line with your needs and values.
Read on for details of the projects you can support and those that have been achieved through donations.

Customised benefits

As a partner of the Musée Rodin, you will be entitled to a range of benefits that will allow you to:

  • associate your company’s image with one of the most prestigious institutions at the heart of Parisian cultural life.
  • organise unforgettable events in the unique setting of the Hôtel Biron or the sculpture garden (breakfasts, cocktail receptions, sit-down dinners, lectures, musical performances…)
  • and involve your colleagues and associates in this partnership by offering them privileged access to the museum (guest passes, private tours, access to Rodin’s personal archives, visits to the restoration workshops...)

Whatever the project you support, our teams will provide you with editorial and visual content to highlight your sponsorship.

Considerable tax deductions

The Musée Rodin looks to develop public interest projects eligible for sponsorship (acquisition, restoration, education, etc.). By supporting a project of this kind, you will boost your corporate social responsibility and your corporate communication.
60%* of your donation is deductible from your corporate tax and you can receive benefits worth up to 25% of the amount of your donation.
For example, a €100,000 sponsorship entitles you to a tax deduction of €60,000 and €25,000 worth of benefits. The actual cost of your donation is therefore €15,000.
**According to the 2020 Finance Act (Law no. 2019-1479 of 28 December 2019), the 60% tax deduction is maintained, but reduced to 40% for the fraction of annual donation payments in excess of two million Euros. If this ceiling is exceeded, the excess can be carried forward over the following five tax years.

Contact us

We invite you to contact us to find out about the terms and conditions and the advantages offered and to define together the project that suits you.

Special thanks

Many projects would not see the light of day without the support of our sponsors. We thank them warmly.