The Musée Rodin warmly thanks all its donors, patrons and partners, who, through their support and generosity, have enabled the implementation of numerous projects.

Corporations and foundations

Historic sponsor

Fondation Cantor


Since the 1950s, Mr. and Mrs. Cantor, and later the Iris & B. Cantor Foundation, have been involved with the Musée Rodin in promoting Rodin's work. In 2014, the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation participated in financing the new museography of the Rodin Museum in Paris.




Since 2018, the Caisse Centrale de Réassurance CCR and its subsidiary, CCR Re, have been supporting all the missions carried out by the Rodin Museum: acquisitions, restoration of works and education.

La Fondation d'entreprise AG2R LA MONDIALE pour la vitalité artistique




Thanks to the sponsorship of the Fondation d'entreprise AG2R LA MONDIALE pour la vitalité artistique, the restoration of an important group of pieces from Rodin's Egyptian collection was carried out for the temporary exhibition Rêve d'Egypte.

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In 2022, Edifixio is helping the Rodin Museum to develop a CRM solution.




Patron of the contemporary art decor of the Hôtel Biron
Mrs Zhang Chengcheng

The Rodin Museum also thanks all its individual donors.