A catalogue of the paintings at the Musée Rodin

A catalogue of the paintings at the Musée Rodin

  • Porteur : S. Biass Fabiani
  • Calendrier : achèvement prévu en 2022
  • Typologie : Fonds du musée


The project concerns the collection of paintings held by the Musée Rodin – a corpus of over 200 works comprising some 80 paintings made by Rodin himself (early copies, nude studies, landscapes painted during his stay in Belgium in 1870-1875) and works he collected (ancient paintings, works by contemporary painters acquired by exchange, purchase or gift). In addition to these two groups, there are a few paintings associated with the Hôtel Biron and some later acquisitions by the museum.

Objectives in terms of research:

The research currently underway is intended to identify and precisely document the works in the collection (including paintings that are now missing, some of which were sold by Rodin himself), and group them into series. It also aims to understand how Rodin amassed this collection: with paintings that were gifted or exchanged with his networks of friends and kindred spirits (such as Monet and Carrière); with paintings (Van Gogh) acquired via his art critic friends, etc. A complementary study will be made of the prints and drawings by painters in the collection.

Showcasing the research results:

The catalogue raisonné will be published in paper format. The works will be presented in coherent groups, accompanied by a brief description of each artist and all the necessary critical apparatus.