Contemporary decor at the hôtel Biron

Contemporary decor at the hôtel Biron

For the first time, contemporary art takes up a lasting residence in the Hôtel Biron.

Representing Africa, Europe and Asia, the three chosen artists have created works on the themes of earth, fire and water, three elements essential to scuplture in Rodin's work:

  • Earth, evoked by Barthélémy Toguo in the room where the sculptor's work for the Sèvres factory is displayed.

Barthélémy Toguo was born in 1967 in Mbalmayo (Cameroon)  and Paris. A multidisciplinary artist, his work is exhibited worldwide. In 2008, he created Bandjoun Station, a place of residence and artistic exchange located in the highlands of western Cameroon.

  • Jean-Paul Marcheschi addresses fire in the exhibition dedicated to The Gates of Hell.

Born in 1951 in Corsica, Jean-Paul MArcheschi lives and works in Paris. Since 1984, the "fire brush" is the only instrument used in the execution of his painting, i.e. by burning candles specially made for him in Vendée, whose wax and soot deposits are the material of his work.

  • Lastly, Li Xin paints water around the marvellous marble of the Danaïde, a nymph who, according to the myth, is condemned to occupy a pierced barrel.

Li Xin was born in 1973 in China. This "water painter" has lived between France and China since 2002. Calligrapher of a dialogue, "between heaven and earth", his handling of water and ink, a key medium of Chinese civilisation, creates a singular pictorial language for resolutely modern creations.

This project is part of the history of the Hôtel Biron which, since its creation, has been an ideal architectural setting for painted and sculpted decorations. An 18th century mansion, the Hôtel Biron has lost some of its original decorative elements over time. The door tops and oculi in the woodwork are now empty.  The contemporary art decoration will fill this gap while seeking harmony with the original decoration.

The Rodin Museum warmly thanks Mrs Zhang ChengCheng for her support of the contemporary art decor of the Hôtel Biron.

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