A catalogue of Rodin’s Egyptian collections

A catalogue of Rodin’s Egyptian collections

  • Project lead: Bénédicte Garnier (Musée Rodin) ; Nathalie Lienhard (Centre de recherche égyptologiques de la Sorbonne)
  • Partners : Sorbonne Université – Musée du Louvre – Service des musées de France
  • Calendrier : finalisation expected in 2022

The catalogue – covering a corpus of over 1,000 statues, statuettes, elements of funerary decoration, ritual and funerary furniture, Coptic textiles, etc. – follows on from previous research on Rodin’s collection of Greco-Roman antiquities. The Egyptological part of this project is being conducted in partnership with the Centre de Recherches Égyptologiques de la Sorbonne and the Musée du Louvre; the Musée Rodin is researching the history of the objects, their place in the collection and how the artist acquired them.

Research objectives:

The aim of the project is to publish a catalogue raisonné of the entire collection, from a dual perspective: a full Egyptological study by experts in the field, and a historical study pertaining specifically to the collections assembled by Auguste Rodin.

Showcasing the research results:

The online publication of Rodin’s Egyptian collection (over 600 artwork descriptions are already online).

A temporary exhibition at the Musée Rodin, scheduled for autumn 2022.