Woman combing her hair seen from behind

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Woman combing her hair seen from behind

Eugène Carrière (1849-1906)

Rodin probably met Eugène Carrière circa 1885 through the critic Roger Marx. Their friendship lasted until the painter’s death – Carrière was notably one of Rodin’s supporters during the Balzac affair in 1898 – and went hand in hand with a deep respect for each other’s works. The two friends regularly visited one another’s studios and their mutual admiration gradually led to them exchanging some of their works. This is why the Musée Rodin today has 11 canvases by the painter in its collections.

Woman combing her Hair seen from Behind attests to Carrière’s interest in the depiction of the female body, an interest he shared with Rodin. There is an intimate dialogue between the forms modelled by the sculptor out of a raw material and the painter’s evanescent figures, with hazy contours hovering between light and shade. The handling of the light, characteristic of Carrière’s works, envelops and enhances the model’s flesh. The spectator’s gaze is thus guided to the painting’s most essential element: the body of this woman combing her hair.

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Completion date :

About 1889

Dimensions :

H. 56 cm ; W. 46.5 cm

Materials :

Oil on canvas

Inventory number :


Credits :

© Musée Rodin



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