Last Vision, Star of the Morning or Before the Shipwreck

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    Last Vision, Star of the Morning or Before the Shipwreck

    Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917) ; unknown practitioner

    After the death of the poet Maurice Rollinat (1846-1903), the art critic and historian Armand Dayot, who knew of Rodin’s admiration for Rollinat, asked him to carve a bust in tribute to the poet. Although Rodin refused to work without a living model, he began to create, “without a goal, just for [himself], a low relief carving inspired by his prodigious talent.” This resulted in a symbolic work―composed of elements from Rodin’s existing sculptures―that in no way depicted the deceased poet. The Head of the Slav Woman with loose hair, the head of St John the Baptist and disproportionate hands seem to emerge from a block of marble, creating a dreamlike apparition. Translated into stone, The Last Vision was placed on the outer wall of the church of Fresselines (in the Creuse region of France), where Rollinat had lived. The relief was inaugurated in Rodin’s presence on October 21, 1906. The marble version in the museum is a second copy that Rodin sold to a collector in 1907; it was purchased by the Musée Rodin in 1948.



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    H: 49.6 cm; W: 66.8 cm; D: 25.5 cm

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