Visit the Dior runway insallation

Visit the Dior runway insallation

Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 collection

The tree of life, subject at the heart of Trofymenko’s work, constitutes a symbol for different far-flung cultures and mythologies. To this design parallels the themes of creation and nature dear to Rodin and that imbue his sculptures.The tree of life connects all forms of creation; it supports the sky and connects it to the earth through its branches and roots. The branches, the trunk, the roots appear like a vision through a profusion of sumptuous embroideries made of cotton threads, silk threads, yarn, beige nuances sometimes punctuated with a touch of black or blue.

This week, the visit to the museum promises a reflection about the space of the Atelier, of the couturier or the sculptor, permeable to the social reality in which we live. Gestures and techniques passed on, learned and always perfectible, are repeated. To make traditions and gestures shine through, allow us to recover a balance.

Don't delay to take advantage of this fantastic installation.


Vue de l'oeuvre

- Diaporama

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    Exhibition(s) location(s)

    Sculpture Garden of the musée Rodin, Paris


    from Tuesday 5th to Sunday 10th of July

    Opening times

    From 10 am to 6.30pm


    Access granted with the museum entry ticket