Research center

Research center

The Musée Rodin Research Center is a place of study, inspiration and exchange between museums, universities, worldwide institutions and researchers in a wide range of scientific fields.

Located near the museum’s collections, the Center provides a vast array of information. In addition to the library and historical archives, it holds all the institution’s archives and documents.
These resources are central to an understanding of Rodin. And the scale of his bequest to the French state can only be grasped by visiting the Center on a regular basis for several years: the artist’s donation provided researchers with a mine of information, enabling each successive generation to glean new insight into the sculptor and his life and work.

Scientific output

The Musée Rodin Research Center conducts research projects in collaboration with French and international partner institutions, which allows for cross-referencing and fosters interdisciplinarity.
The research results are shared by means of exhibitions and study days (since 2007). They are also communicated in the museum’s scientific publications and through online tools and external presentations by the museum’s scientific staff.

The Scientific Committee

The museum’s scientific committee is made up of eminent specialists:  eight external art historians and sculpture specialists, and eight internal members responsible for the heritage collections. The committee, which has met on an annual basis since 2012, helps the museum define its scientific and cultural policy.
Its mission is to support the museum’s scientific strategy and help define the principles for future editions of original bronze casts.


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