Fleeting Moments - Drawings by Rodin

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Fleeting Moments - Drawings by Rodin

SMK Statens Museum for Kunst national Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen (DK)

This exhibition takes you to the very core of the work of French sculptor Auguste Rodin: his drawings. Drawings allowed Rodin to explore the human form freely and spontaneously before expressing what he saw and learned in clay and stone.

"It is very simple. My drawings are the key to my work."

The French artist Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) is one of the greatest masters in art history. He is best known for his dramatic, pathos-filled sculptures, which he created from the mid-nineteenth century onwards – works that revolutionised the art of sculpture. But Rodin was also a draughtsman. In fact he produced more than 10,000 drawings, and they occupy a key position in the evolution and method of his art.



Thomas Lederballe


Works lents

50 drawings and 3 sculptures

Lieu(x) d’exposition(s)

Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK)
Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 København K, Danemark


Du 22 septembre 2016 au 15 janvier 2017

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