Patina (bronze)

The colour effects on bronze sculptures varying from green to brown and black that are obtained by applying hot acids to the bronze.


1. Lowest part of the supporting masonry for a classical column, composed of a plinth, dado and cornice.

2. A base supporting a statue or other object.


A flat column or rectangular pillar engaged in a wall and projecting only slightly from it.


Process used for reproducing, enlarging or reducing a model by measuring a series of ‘points’ marked on the original and transferring them to the block of stone to be carved.

Pompeii Urn

A form of vase designed by Carrier-Belleuse, who was then artistic director of the Sèvres Porcelain Factory and, as such, a prolific creator of new forms.


In painting and sculpture, plump naked boys representing cupids or young angels.