Early-20th-century group of painters renowned for their bold chromatic investigations. They used broad swathes of fierce, pure, vivid colours and advocated art based on instinct.

Fenaille Album

The Drawings of Auguste Rodin, still known as the “Fenaille Album” or the “Goupil Album”, is a book of Rodin’s drawings first published in 1897 with a preface by Octave Mirbeau. The collector Maurice Fenaille commissioned the Maison Goupil photoengravers to print this anthology of 129 plates, comprising 142 of Rodin’s colour wash drawings, most of which were inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and which are generally known as the “black drawings”.

Flat tint

Term describing the manner in which the paint is applied and a pictorial technique.
The form defined by a contour is a surface to be filled in with an even layer of colour.

Foliated scrolls

Carved or painted decorative motifs composed of scrolls of formalized leaves and stems.