Historic collection

The historic collection donated to the French state by the sculptor in 1916 comprises almost 2,000 works, 864 of which are dedicated to Rodin, periodicals collected by the artist, approximately 60,000 manuscripts, a prolific amount of notebooks and printed matter, as well as posters, maps, registers, ledgers and a large archive collection that continues to expand.

One of the museum’s priorities is to maintain the coherence and wealth of the collection, which is constantly consulted by art historians and all types of researchers. Our objective is thus to preserve and emphasize the importance of the past while attempting to respond to new needs. We strive to pay tribute to the artist and his work, honouring his memory without concealing his history.

All valuable research tools, these different databases are gradually being put online, offering broader insight into Rodin’s life and work, despite the heterogeneity of these diverse fields of investigation.