Renovation of the hôtel Biron

In 2012-2015, the Musée Rodin began work on the museography and the renovation of the Hôtel Biron, home of the permanent collections.


Partial opening of the museum until Fall. The Kiss, The Age of Bronze are on display in the exhibition area. In the garden, the visitor discovers the ensemble of Rodin’s monuments in bronze: The Gates of Hell; the celebrated Thinker; the Monument to Balzac, France’s literary genius of the 19th century; and The Burghers of Calais are all included in this exceptional setting.

Renovation of the hôtel Biron

Well known to Parisians as the Hôtel Biron, the magnificent hôtel particulier that dates from the 18th century has housed the Musée Rodin ever since its opening in 1919. Now it has become urgent to begin renovations so that it will conform to modern norms of security and accessibility and renovate museography as well.

The programme for work of improvement includes the museography, the renovation of the exhibition rooms, the adaptation to current norms of accessibility of the entire building, the opening of new visiting rooms, restoration and refinishing of the parquets, and a complete renewal of the museographic course.

Musée Rodin Paris - Hotel Biron - First part of renovation work  - Length 6'12


16 million €, tax included
50% by the Ministry of Culture and Communication
50% by the Musée Rodin


The Rodin Museum thanks Farrow & Ball for adding color to the renovated rooms of the Hôtel Biron and the exhibition room.

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Presentation in the exhibition area


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