J. Danielli

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)



H. 44 cm ; W. 27.5 cm ; D. 28.8 cm


Cast made by François Rudier in 1883. Purchased by the musée Rodin in 1995.

This is probably one of the first portraits Rodin made on his return to Paris in 1877. J. Danielli, whose identity remains uncertain, but who was possibly related to Bassano Danielli (1854-1923), a sculptor active in Milan, made his living from “Hardening, Metallization and Artistic Decoration of Plaster”.


He worked on several occasions for Rodin or his circle of acquaintances. In 1879, he “galvanized” the plaster bust of Saint John the Baptist . Then, in 1895, he used the same process on Camille Claudel’s Sakuntala, when she donated it to the museum in Châteauroux. Danielli’s bust was one of the numerous portraits of friends or people close to him that Rodin made for practical reasons or out of affection.


The sculptor no doubt wanted to capture the vitality and creativity of Danielli’s bubbling personality in the movement of his wavy hair, which accentuates the effect of closeness and warmth emanating from this bust with lively modelling.


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