Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

Circa 1898


H. 38.8 cm ; W. 45.2 cm ; D. 30.6 cm


Composed of the Camille Claudel with Short Hair (1884) and two independent hands added in front of her face, the work attests to Rodin’s fondness for
assemblages, apparent in both his narrative style and his portraiture. The Mask of Camille Claudel with the Left Hand of Pierre and Jacques de Wissant and the Bust of Henry Becque are other examples of assemblages. This process is similar to that used in early allegorical portraits in which the spectator is unsure of what he is actually looking at.


By placing the head and hands on a block of plaster, Rodin shed light on what he thought about plinths. The present work is reminiscent of Thought (1886-89) and heralds 20th-century investigations by sculptors such as Giacometti.

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