Draped Torso of The Age of Bronze

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

Circa 1895-1896


H. 78 cm ; W. 49.5 cm ; D. 31 cm


The torso shown here is a partial reworking of The Age of Bronze , severed at the waist and with arms removed. It is draped in the manner of Virgins, but is nevertheless a man, and the effect of the drapery around his face, which is usually employed with female models, produces a certain sense of strangeness. The amputation of the arms, concealed by a real piece of fabric dipped in plaster, is not devoid of violence. It deprives the statue of the slightest gesture and turns it into a sort of icon. The tear in the fabric to the side of the forehead reveals a gash, the trace of a wound incurred by this vanquished warrior.

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