Assemblage: Fish Woman and Torso of Iris on Foliated Plinth

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

Circa 1908-1909 (?)

Plaster, with pink patina on the plinth

H. 164.1 cm (group, 46.1 cm) ; W. 32.7 cm ; D. 38


Rodin reflected at length on the relationship between the sculpture and the base. The exhibition of his works at the Pavillon de l’Alma, Paris, in 1900, provides a magnificent demonstration of this : he showed several plasters on foliated plinths, quadrangular pillars or columns adorned with hearts, which he re-used at the exhibitions in Prague in 1902 and Düsseldorf in 1904.


He pursued his investigations even further, seeking to combine the sculpture and its base in a single composition, the base thus becoming an integral part of the work.


In the two-figure assemblage, Fish Woman and Torso of Iris, the group is in white plaster and the plinth has a pink patina. This contrast creates an aesthetic colour effect that only contributes to the sculpture’s charm.

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