Auguste Rodin

Madame Fenaille, with Head Leaning on her Hand


Auguste Rodin

Dance Movement B

Circa 1911

Auguste Rodin

Letter from Auguste Rodin to Helene de Hindenburg

1902 (22 November)

Auguste Rodin

Young Girl with Flowers in her Hair


Crouching Venus Anadyomene

Late Hellenistic or Early Imperial Period

Auguste Rodin

Golden Twilight on the Dunes in the Forest of Soignes

Between 1871 and 1877

Colossal Left Hand holding Drapery

1st century AD

Auguste Rodin

Fish Woman


Victor Pannelier

Clay Model of Eustache de Saint Pierre

Circa 1886

Fragment of a Funerary Stele

3rd quarter of the 4th century BC

Auguste Rodin


Circa 1900

Auguste Rodin

Head of Sorrow

Circa 1903-1904

Alexandre Falguière

Seated Diana


Charles Baudelaire

Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil)


Auguste Rodin

Letter from Auguste Rodin to Claude Monet

1897 (22 September)

Jules Desbois


After 1894