Rodin's "Thinker" in Dr Linde's Garden in Lübeck

Edvard Munch (1863 -1944)

Circa 1907

Oil on canvas

H. 22 cm ; W. 78 cm


In 1905, Dr Linde, a well-informed German collector, purchased an enlarged bronze cast of The Thinker from Rodin to adorn the garden of his home in Lübeck. At the same time, he struck up a friendship with Edvard Munch, from whom he commissioned several works in order to help him financially. Linde soon drew parallels between the works of these two artists. He saw their shared desire to push back the limits of artistic representation.


Rodin’s “Thinker” in Dr Linde’s Garden in Lübeck was painted by the artist shortly before he suffered a nervous breakdown in October 1908. The colour applied in crosshatchings is characteristic of this period in Munch’s career, when his depression had not yet fully declared itself. The flat treatment of the sky and trees, which frame the scene, contrasts with the thickness of the paint on Mrs Linde’s white silhouette that acts as an echo to The Thinker.


Crédits photo : © ADAGP, Paris, 2012

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