Torso of a Reclining Female Nude, with one Hand on her Chest

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

After 1900

Pencil and stumping on paper

H. 20 cm ; W. 31 cm


In the last years of his life, Rodin no longer contented himself with single line drawings, in fine dry pencil, covered with a light wash. He worked on the modelling with stumping, using his finger to crush a soft lead pencil to cloud over, or partially obliterate the pencil marks, to obtain hazier areas, with less contrast between the figure and the background. This return to a more naturalistic modelling is typical of Rodin’s late drawings.


Parallels can be drawn between the more or less pronounced sfumato, or misty unfinished effects, and the handling of the marbles, where figures gently emerge out of an indistinct background and echo the hazy monochrome paintings of Rodin’s great friend, Eugène Carrière.


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