Head of a Man

Late Period, 25th-27th Dynasty (715-404 BC)


H. 22 cm ; W. 10.8 cm ; D. 19 cm


Acquired by Rodin between 1893 and 1913.

This head belonged to a statue of a man with dorsal pillar, the beginning of which is still visible at the back. The subject is represented without a wig. His close-cropped hair, shown in slight relief, is indicated by a single line which outlines and enhances his facial features.


The Egyptian sculptor skilfully rendered the juvenile grace of this young man, his almond-shaped eyes and the lines of expression around his smiling mouth. Without indulging in the art of the portrait, he rejected the idealized expression of eternal youth, dear to the artists of previous centuries, in order to depict a type of age and character more realistically.

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