Attic Red-Figure Kalyx Krater

mid-4th century BC


H. 31.5 cm ; Diam. 26 cm


Acquired by Rodin between 1893 and 1913.

This deep-bowled vase has a very elongated neck, opening outwards into a wide-mouthed chalice, which enables the figures to be depicted over the full height of the vase.The main scene represents Eros, the god of love, flying in front of two ephebes, standing either side of an ithyphallic herm. On the other side are three draped ephebes.


The vase was made in the workshop of an Attic potter in the mid-4th century.


The red-figure decoration is attributed to an artist known as “Rodin’s Painter”. He used Kertch-style white highlights to emphasize the importance of the herm and play up the characteristic attributes of each figure.


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