Pedestal of the Titans

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

1878-1882 (?)

Glazed ceramic

H. 39 cm ; W. 37 cm ; D. 36 cm


On completing his studies at the art school known as the “Petite Ecole”, Rodin spent several years working for various masters, the most important of whom was Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, who made good use of his remarkable modelling skills.This fashionable sculptor, famous for his prolific decorative output, ran an extremely well-organized studio, which enabled him to handle all the numerous commissions he received.Rodin modelled the male figures adorning this pedestal designed by his master – a support for a decorative vase to be cast in a limited edition.


The vigorous musculature of the Titans portrayed here in twisting poses shows Rodin’s admiration for Michelangelo. Influenced by the works of the great Italian sculptor, Rodin already managed to combine his keen observation of the anatomy with a remarkable sense of exaggeration in the details that heightened the expression of his figures.The bodies, here, have a tormented force entirely in keeping with the depiction of the mythological Titans, the primitive giants vanquished by the gods of Olympus.

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