Letter from Auguste Rodin to Sophie Postolska

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)


Ink on paper

H. 13.2 cm ; W. 20.7 cm


Sophie Postolska, Rodin’s Polish-born model, pupil and mistress, was the sister-in-law of Louis Dorizon, chairman of the bank Société Générale, who, together with Joanny Peytel and Albert Kahn, financed Rodin’s exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Alma in 1900.


The sculptor is known to have had a prolific sentimental life, which developed at the same pace as his fame.A stream of models, pupils and women of the world came to his studio to seduce this great sculptor of women who, because he desired them, could study them like a clinician. Sophie Postolska was one of them, but the letter Rodin writes here is addressed to the pupil and provides valuable evidence of the sculptor’s teaching methods. He insisted on the importance of practising drawing, recommending that each of his pupils make sketches as if taking notes, so as to train the eye and hand to jot lines down rapidly, the sole purpose of which was to capture fleeting,much-coveted truth.


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