Les Cathédrales de France

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)



In L’Art, published in 1911 by Grasset, Rodin replied at length to the journalist Paul Gsell’s questions. But it was another kind of book that the writer Charles Morice (1861-1919) decided to work on shortly after 1910. He began by compiling the notes that Rodin had jotted down about cathedrals in the course of his numerous journeys across France.


The writer was a good friend of the artist. In 1900, he had given a series lectures and written a book about Rodin’s art. He therefore did not content himself with just writing a long preface, but probably rewrote passages of the sculptor’s prose. Rodin must have found it hard to accept these amendments, judging from the writer’s reply : “Wasn’t it precisely because I was going to put your thoughts into a suitable form that you considered my collaboration useful?”


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