Restoration of Rodin's The Thinker

2012 - 2013

Cast in 1904, this great bronze, The Thinker, has been exhibited since 1923 in the museum garden. It is exposed to bad weather, the climate, and pollution, all of which attack the layer of protection and the patina of the work. Consequently, the surface brought to light is subject to a normal phenomenon of corrosion and the formation of copper sulphate. The perception and the clarity of the work are thus modified.

La restauration du Penseur, au musée Rodin par Musee_Rodin

The operation of restoration, which takes place at intervals of about ten years, consists of several actions:

  • Cleaning, by dry projection with a powder made of fruit pits (sanding);
  • Protection, by application of microcrystalline wax;
  • Selective retouching with pigmented wax in order to highlight the clarity of the contours;
  • Careful polishing that enhances appreciation of the form.

Restauration du Penseur

Restauration du Penseur

Restauration du Penseur